Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday "adventures"

Tuesday "adventures" 03/30/2010

Today i woke up really early.. 10.30 am and got ready..

I had to meet my mom in the downtown to go to the post office and shipp out items from my blog sale and then go to this one place to get my phone fixed.. when we got there the lady told us that they don't fix ASUS phones/palm tops.. (even tough the man at the store where i bought it told us to go there).. ok what ever.. then we went to my favourite mall Alpha (in Latvia) and went to the TroDeks shop where i got it.. and while waiting in the line i noticed something gorgeous..
<--- It's a case/wallet for your phone, they had it zebra and tiger printed.. It's so pretty and SOFT !!!

And it's perfect if you just have to run to the grocery shop etc..

It's something like those ones that you can get at glitzy-glam.com but they're SO overpriced there.. this one was 6$ if you buy it with a phone but in my case 10$ without a phone..
That's how it looks from the inside.. ---->
you can even see how poofy and soft it is :)
And you can put it around your wrist :)

i'm totally in love
I'm just not really sure if the white zebra part will actually remain white for a really long time.. khemm.. knowing me.. hehe..

So after we waited for like 30 minutes and handed in my other phone to get it fixed we stopped by ELKOR - which is technology, dvd, cd etc. kinda store and of course i checked out the discounted DVD's ..

the weirdest thing happened..
yesterday i was thinking wat dvd's i want and fulfilling my list :D
and 3 movies popped in my head.. Stay alive, scary movie 3 and She's the man..those are pretty old movies but still.. and today i saw them at the discounted dvd section. THAT'S SO WEIRD !! and the thing is that i've never seen them in that store before :) last time when i went there i bought "the uninvited" (too sad that it wasn't discounted xD) anyways - it also popped into my head the night before..
next time i have to imagine few million dollars.. who knows what will hapen :D JK
This is the "stay alive" movie..
My sister actually introduced me to it..
and all of the movies i got for only 4 $ - that's a really good deal for dvd's usually they're about 6 - 15 $ depending on how popular it is :)
The movie's about:
Where some friends start playing this weird
video game and if they die in the game they die
in the real life too - but later on after few accidents
they come to understand that the game continues
to "play itself" and it can also kill your caracter..
and then you die too... and so on..

I really advise you to check this movie out..
It's interesting and the script is well.. just different..
Check it out especially if you like horror films :)

The next movie that i got is.. "She's the man".

and i'm watching it right now..
I think that most people know that this movie is about..
Anyways, it's not my favourite movie but i still like it..
and since it was only 4 $ - i got it..
I've been really obsessed with dvd's lately, because, i figured that - dvd's i'll have for much longer than make up.. and thecnically you can't use it up like make up.. unless you brake it :)
I've been collecting dvd's lately a lot more than make up because:
1. i'm on project 10 pan and i have to waste my money on something.. because i'm really bad at saving money
2. in Europe everything is 2x to 4x more expensive that in America or UK and so on.. so i will use up ALL OF MY make up and then re-start my collection and buy make up only from usa online stores.. unless it's something like foundation..

The last movie is "the scary movie 3"..
This movie i had only on VHS tape.. and i have all the other parts and this one - i just never saw it in the stores.. jay - score :)
this movie is just a classic - haha you probably all know it so i won't get into too much detail about it..

what are your favourite characters from these scary movies ?
mine is Sindy - because she's such a dumb ass :D and ofcourse funny.. i love that actress..
and Brenda - haha she's so hilarious :D
BTW - her real name is also Regina -yeah!
+ i love those movies - The Ring and The ring 2..

so this is kinda perfect..
personally my favourite scene is where Brenda is fighting with samara..

And while i'm writing this blog post i'm eating junk food.. ahh how bad - i know :D
But since i'm really into working out lately it's not that bad :)
i just can't resist.. i already ate the fries and cola :D
Ok.. xoxo bye..
thanks for reading my random - non make up related blog post :)

have a great day.. see you soon :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010




When you have chosen the item you want:

You have to email me at askreg182@inbox.lv with:

*the item(s) number you want - for example #N01
*your paypal email (so that i could send you an invoice)
*your adress: First Name, Last Name, Street, Zip Code, City, Country

* Payment and Shipping

I accept PayPal only. The shipping price depends on how much you order. If you order just one lipgloss or pensil ofcourse the shipping will be only 2-3 $, but if you order something heavy or a lot of items, the shipping can be even 7-9$, because i will be shipping from Europe.

You have to pay within 3 days after i send you an invoice. When you send me email with the item you want, in this blog post (PENDING) will show up by your item's description. If you won't pay for your item within 3 days the item will be up for grabs again.

I will ship your item(s) asap after you paid for them. WITH PRIORITY MAIL. I know that the shipping price might be a bit expensive, but The shipping is really fast, you'll recieve it after 1 week or so - if you live in the US or Canada, but even faster if you live in Europe.

Everything will be well bubble wraped, you won't have to worry about damages or broken items.

If you have any other questions let me know.. - send an email with your question to askreg182@inbox.lv or leave it in the comments.

Everything will be washed, cleaned and sanitized 100% clean. My mom is a nurse so trust me - i know how to sanitize.




MAKEUP BAG/ CLUTCH : never used, from Stila - #01 - 1$

COASTAL SCENTS BRUSHES: Never used. (i just don't use these kind of brushes). High quality. #N03 - 1$ #N04 - 1$. Get both for 1.50$.

Best brush ever. Never sheds, good for blush, foundation, powder or bronzer. I have one myself, just want to give you guys a chance to try it. Brand new, has a packaging. #N49 - 2$

DECO COLLECTION Lip Shine. Brand new- never used. Lipgloss that gives you a golden shimmery glow.. glittery effect, but the glitters are not chunky - you can't feel them. Smells nice. with vitamin E. It's my favourite lipgloss ever i have like 4 of these and i want you guys to try it. #N17 - 1$

ORIFLAME LIPSTICK: Color - Spray. Isn't that the most gorgeous packaging for lipstick? I bought this lipstick because in the catalouge it showed up to be nude, but it's light brown and i only wear nudes or pinks. It's not as dark brown as it looks, it's more like a brown glittery shine, smells nice. Brand new only swatched once on my hand but never actually used. #N18 - 1.50$

JOEY CHISELED CHEEKS: Gel Blush with tiny shimmers. Can use as a bronzer, blush or for contouring, or mixing with your foundation. Used once. Great to get that summer tan illusion. #N11 - 1$

AVON: Satin deluxe - special edition mineralized shadow in Teal Apeal. Blazk and Teal colors. Has a box - Used once. Teal shadows just don't look good on me :(.. shimmery metallic glow. 7 gram. Original price - 8.90$. #N21 - 1.50$

AVON: Smooth Mineral Shadow: #N13 - Midnight Mauve. #N14 - Breeze. Brand new has a box. Breeze never used-blue shadows don't look good on me. Midnight mauve used once, easy to apply and blend - long lasting effect. I'm selling these because i'm not a big fan of mineral make up. Original price - 6.90$. #N13 - 2$, #N14 - 1$.


UK: Bronze Shadow pigment. A ton of product - big jar. I have way too many pronzy pigments that's why i'm selling this one, since it's brand new and never even swatched. #N16 - 1$

GOSH: Effect powder, eyeshadow pigment in SEA ME. Pretty blue shimmery ocean color. Used once - blue shadows don't look good on me. Hard to get. Full size. Original price - 16$. Long Lasting - up to 18 or more hours. Best quality pigments i've ever had - way better than MAC. #N15 - 4$

BOURJOIS: 5 gram jars. You can see the number of the colors on the caps. Full size - only swatched. Great lasting power and super pigmented. Satin shadows, just like MAC pigments. #N22 is a mauve brown color (you can't really see it in the picture). Original price - 5$ each. #N22 - 1$, #N23 - (SOLD), #N24 - 1$.


LAVANDER BAG: You can use it for make up of your bath stuff. It's really soft and spacy. Never used: #N30 - 3$

RED BAG: really soft and spacy. Both make up bags are good for traveling - fits a lot of stuff. #N31 - 1.50$

LIME BAG: water proof & see trough. Perfect for taking it to the beach of you don't want to get your make up wet. #N62 - 0.50$. I'm selling all of these make up bags because i have about 10 make up bags and i just don't need that much.

MIRROR: custom made this mirror for you guys. It's a double sided mirror. Hot pink with silver and dark green glitters. Good quality - i guarantee that the glitters won't come off and get all over your stuff. #N65 - 1.50$ One of a kind - isn't that perfect ?


HELLO KITTY: Necklace charm. 100% authentic says sanrio on the back. You can wear it as a necklace, attach it to your charm bracelet or keys. #N58 - 1.50$. Never used.

EARRINGS: Silver spiral earrings. #N54 - 2$

EARRINGS: From Egypt. Silver with pretty detailing - double hoop. : #N64 - 3$

RING: 925 silver ring with a cristal. It's not a Swarovski cristal, it's something more expensive, but unfortunately i can't remeber what. Has 3 smaller rocks on each side. Rarely worn. Original price 75$. If you're a girl who loves jems and cristals - you'll love this one. I bought it because i was obsessed wuth bling blings, but i'm over that now :D.

#N63 - 50$.

BRACELET: Chain bracelet with golden snowflake charm. Made by me. Looks too cute to be true. #N12 - 1.50$.

BRACELET: Stretchy, with beads and dangle, charm - happiness. Worn once. #N53 - 1$

BRACELET: Cute and colorful. Newer used. #N52 - 1$.

BRACELET: Lime green. The sun in the Middle is see trough. Never used. #N56 - 1$.

BRACELETS: They look like little belts on your arm - super cute. Or if you have a little puppy of small dog - hey also look nice as a collar. #N37, #N38, #N39 - Get all 3 of them for 1$

BONE BRACELET: Blue with beads. Worn once. #N27- 1$.

Wooden Bracelets: Never worn. From Egypt. #N32 and #N33 and #N34 - 1$ each.

Woden Bracelets: #N42 and #N43 - each 1$. Never worn. From Egypt.

BRACELET: From Egypt.. Shell and wooden beads, adjustable to the size of your hand. Never used. #N44 - 1$

BRACELET: Orange, green & black. Super pretty detailing. Never worn. #N40 - 0.50$

BRACELET: Red bracelet with spikes and studs. #N41 - 0.10$.

BRACELET & NECKLACE SET: Cute and girly.. green rocks. Set of bracelet and necklase. #N47 - 0.50$ and

#N46 - 1$. Get the set of bracelet & necklace for 1$

NECKLACE: Bigger green rocks. Never worn. #N45 - 1$


NECKLACE: Beads & Shell..Perfect for wearing it to the beach or if you just want that tropical look.. From Egypt.
#N05 - 1$

NECKLACE: Green beads and horse charm. If you love horses or know someone who loves horses - then this is the thing for you. Made by me. Never worn. One of a kind :) #N48 - 0.50$

NECKLACE: Snake necklace. From Ukraine. Never worn. #N50 - 0.10$

NECKLACE: Adjustable Heart shaped with baby pink rhine stones. Never worn. #N55 - 1$

NECKLACE: Pink shiny quare necklace. Triangle shaped. Perfect for that dolly look. Never vorn. One moment i was REALLY into pink jewelry and now i'm just over that, so i'm selling this one too. #N26 - 3$

NECKLACE: Triangle shaped - Gold and bronze squares. Looks perfect if you have that summer bronzy/golden tan. Never worn. #N25 - 1$

NECKLACE: Really pretty, one of my favourites. But i just don't wear these type of necklaces in general.
#N19 - 3.50$

NECKLACE: Really pretty.. Silver with 3 different sized swarovski cristals. Never worn. #N20 - 2$