Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday "adventures"

Tuesday "adventures" 03/30/2010

Today i woke up really early.. 10.30 am and got ready..

I had to meet my mom in the downtown to go to the post office and shipp out items from my blog sale and then go to this one place to get my phone fixed.. when we got there the lady told us that they don't fix ASUS phones/palm tops.. (even tough the man at the store where i bought it told us to go there).. ok what ever.. then we went to my favourite mall Alpha (in Latvia) and went to the TroDeks shop where i got it.. and while waiting in the line i noticed something gorgeous..
<--- It's a case/wallet for your phone, they had it zebra and tiger printed.. It's so pretty and SOFT !!!

And it's perfect if you just have to run to the grocery shop etc..

It's something like those ones that you can get at glitzy-glam.com but they're SO overpriced there.. this one was 6$ if you buy it with a phone but in my case 10$ without a phone..
That's how it looks from the inside.. ---->
you can even see how poofy and soft it is :)
And you can put it around your wrist :)

i'm totally in love
I'm just not really sure if the white zebra part will actually remain white for a really long time.. khemm.. knowing me.. hehe..

So after we waited for like 30 minutes and handed in my other phone to get it fixed we stopped by ELKOR - which is technology, dvd, cd etc. kinda store and of course i checked out the discounted DVD's ..

the weirdest thing happened..
yesterday i was thinking wat dvd's i want and fulfilling my list :D
and 3 movies popped in my head.. Stay alive, scary movie 3 and She's the man..those are pretty old movies but still.. and today i saw them at the discounted dvd section. THAT'S SO WEIRD !! and the thing is that i've never seen them in that store before :) last time when i went there i bought "the uninvited" (too sad that it wasn't discounted xD) anyways - it also popped into my head the night before..
next time i have to imagine few million dollars.. who knows what will hapen :D JK
This is the "stay alive" movie..
My sister actually introduced me to it..
and all of the movies i got for only 4 $ - that's a really good deal for dvd's usually they're about 6 - 15 $ depending on how popular it is :)
The movie's about:
Where some friends start playing this weird
video game and if they die in the game they die
in the real life too - but later on after few accidents
they come to understand that the game continues
to "play itself" and it can also kill your caracter..
and then you die too... and so on..

I really advise you to check this movie out..
It's interesting and the script is well.. just different..
Check it out especially if you like horror films :)

The next movie that i got is.. "She's the man".

and i'm watching it right now..
I think that most people know that this movie is about..
Anyways, it's not my favourite movie but i still like it..
and since it was only 4 $ - i got it..
I've been really obsessed with dvd's lately, because, i figured that - dvd's i'll have for much longer than make up.. and thecnically you can't use it up like make up.. unless you brake it :)
I've been collecting dvd's lately a lot more than make up because:
1. i'm on project 10 pan and i have to waste my money on something.. because i'm really bad at saving money
2. in Europe everything is 2x to 4x more expensive that in America or UK and so on.. so i will use up ALL OF MY make up and then re-start my collection and buy make up only from usa online stores.. unless it's something like foundation..

The last movie is "the scary movie 3"..
This movie i had only on VHS tape.. and i have all the other parts and this one - i just never saw it in the stores.. jay - score :)
this movie is just a classic - haha you probably all know it so i won't get into too much detail about it..

what are your favourite characters from these scary movies ?
mine is Sindy - because she's such a dumb ass :D and ofcourse funny.. i love that actress..
and Brenda - haha she's so hilarious :D
BTW - her real name is also Regina -yeah!
+ i love those movies - The Ring and The ring 2..

so this is kinda perfect..
personally my favourite scene is where Brenda is fighting with samara..

And while i'm writing this blog post i'm eating junk food.. ahh how bad - i know :D
But since i'm really into working out lately it's not that bad :)
i just can't resist.. i already ate the fries and cola :D
Ok.. xoxo bye..
thanks for reading my random - non make up related blog post :)

have a great day.. see you soon :)